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Sorong to Cenderawasih Bay


Diving along the Birds Head Peninsula is only fair at best, and the reef system cannot compare to that of Raja Ampat.  The visibility is poor, with almost nonexistent shoals of fish and very few corals.  This may be due to the geological events that isolated the bay some 14 million years ago.  Almost every dive site requires negotiations with the local village chief and payment in local currency and/or fuel.  Although Cenderawasih bay harbors several endemic fish found only there, the Whale Sharks are the main attraction (see Whale Sharks of Cenderawasih Bay).  The Muck diving around the villages is fruitful at times, but the enormous amount of trash is smothering the marine life.  Although the exploratory dive trip along the Birds Head Peninsula is a unique experience, I would not dive this itinerary again.  I would fly to Sorong, dive Raja Ampat, then fly to either Nabire or Biak, and take a reliable live aboard to experience the Whale Sharks Cenderawasih Bay is known for.