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Bimini has emerged as one of the top destinations to dive with one of the most amazing and unusual creatures on the planet, the Great Hammerhead Shark (Sphyrna mokarran).  A sight discovered years ago by Shark Research Biologists, South Bimini allows a very close up and personal observation of the Great Hammerheads’ grace and behavior.  Most of the Sharks are female, 12-13 feet in length, and group together from January through March.  It’s no surprise that during the Hammerhead season, Bimini has a large influx of both Spotted Eagle Rays and Stingrays, one of the Hammerheads’ preferred foods.  There is one report of a Great Hammerhead with 96 stingray barbs embedded in its mouth, throat, and “tongue”.  The hammerheads’ 3 foot wide hammer shaped heads or Cephalofoil, make them very efficient at guiding scent-bearing water to their nares.  The Cephalofoil also increases the total area of electro sensing ampullae of Lorenzini, enabling them to sense stingrays hiding beneath the sand.  Great Hammerheads are viviparous, have a gestational period of 11 months, and can have 15-40 pups every other year.  They are one of the most agile and magnificent sharks of the seas.