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Shark Diving with Aqua Trek


Shark Diving in Beqa Lagoon, Fiji, was one of the best shark dives I have ever done. It has been termed “the most diverse and energized shark diving experience in the world” by renowned shark cinematographer Shawn Heinrichs. Others simply say it’s the world’s #1 Shark Dive. It’s possible to see 8 different species of shark and nearly 300 species of fish on a single dive. The majority of the sharks I saw were Bull, Tawny Nurse and Lemon sharks. This shark feeding dive was with Aqua-Trek, one of the top two organizations in Beqa Lagoon. They have been running shark dives for over 20 years, and owner/operator Brandon Paige is fantastic. We all know the extensive controversies surrounding shark feed diving. Brandon proved very knowledgeable about the feeding controversies, overfishing, finning, behavior, and biology of sharks. For sometime now, I have had questions about feeding sharks for Divers and Photographers, but after experiencing the health of the reef and numbers of sharks, and discovering that a Shark Reef Marine Reserve was set up as a result of Shark Diving, I have changed my philosophy. Money flows into the local villages and economy while shark education and protection continue on a daily basis. There is not enough research to say if shark feeding is harmful, and there is no proof it increases local shark attacks. I think shark feeding dive operations that are done properly, responsibly, and away from swim beaches have a positive effect on shark protection.