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Shark Diving with Beqa Adventure Divers


Beqa Adventure Divers is a highly experienced and safety minded Shark Dive crew. Imagine the rush you feel when you see 30-40 Bull Sharks at a time, with double that many in the far distance. The dive crew did not perform much “hand feeding”, but did strategically release food in front of the divers. Beqa Adventure Divers work closely with the Government of Fiji and the traditional owners of Shark Reef to keep it designated as a protected Marine Park, now called Shark Reef Marine Reserve. The controversies remain about Shark Feed Diving, but I support anything that protects, promotes, and educates about reefs and sharks. Beqa Adventure Divers have been shark diving since 1998, and their dives are tightly choreographed. Their safety protocols are aimed at avoiding any direct contact between the Sharks and the spectators. Prominent photographic professionals can get better positioning in the much-coveted “pit” during the hand feeding of the Bull Sharks. This is a high-octane shark dive that should not be missed if you are an adventurous diver in Fiji.