Our Living Seas



Ambon Island is part of the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. It is 32 miles long but is almost divided in half by a body of water called Ambon Bay. This bay can be over 3,000 feet deep in some areas. Ambon has world class muck diving and will reward the macro photographer and Videographer with incredible critter dives. To this day, Ambon Bay still amazes us with new species of marine life. Recently discovered in 2008 is the very rare Ambon Frog Fish, also known as the Psychedelic Frog Fish. The unusual geology and tidal movements of the bay reward us with amazing marine biodiversity. This unique topography and irregular water circulation also put the bay at considerable risk from human threats. Severe sedimentation and pollution, especially from household waste, are slowly and surely degrading the marine environment in Ambon Bay.