Our Living Seas

Alor, Wetar and Eastern Flores


The Eastern Islands of the Nusa Tenggara Archipelago are remote and rarely visited by divers, but offer a fantastic mix of reef and muck diving.  Alor has wonderful muck diving, and has been called the newest Mecca for Muck.  At numerous dive sites such as Rhino City, you can often find the rare Rhinopias scorpion fish, frogfish, Devilfish, Pegasus Sea Moth and many other surprises.   “Anemone City” or “Clown Valley” is an area completely carpeted with Anemones and loaded with Anemone Fish.  There can be so much nonstop muck action that you just move from creature to creature in very shallow water.  Whales and dolphins have been seen cruising by while at anchor.  There is also beautiful topside scenery: mesmerizing sunsets and active volcanoes, with welcoming local people of island villages.  For those wanting remote, adventurous diving, this area may be your ticket.  Watch this short rapid-fire teaser.  If you like it then watch the Alor Wide Angle as well as Muck and Macro of Alor.