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The Crystal Caves of Abaco


One of the most mysterious places on this planet are the Crystal Caves of Abaco.  Dan’s Cave and Ralph’s Cave are two of the most highly decorated underwater cave systems in the world.  Some people have described diving them as “swimming through a crystal chandelier”.  With sections named the Glass Factory, Frozen Rain, Cascade Room, Ice Cream Room, and the Crystal Palace, it’s no wonder these names entice the imagination.   Delicate crystals hang from the overhead environment or reflect back from crystal pools in the floor.   Stalactites, Stalagmites and Flow Stone enrich the caves with stunning beauty, and at times, defy gravity.  Who could imagine that erosion of calcium carbonate, percolation of weak carbonic acid in rainwater, and sea level changes over several millennia could create one of the most beautiful and magical geological places on earth.